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Granite Countertops Cost

For many people it is the beauty of granite that makes it so desirable to have as a countertop in the kitchen or bathroom. Granite is very strong and durable and is a wonderful way to add color and warmth to a room. But what worries many people is granite countertops cost. It can be quite high, but granite is still the preferred choice of many.

So how much does a granite countertop cost? At the time of writing, the price can range from around $50 to as much as $150 a square foot. You may also have to pay for installation on top this. This could be anywhere up to around $20 per square foot, but depends on the area to be fitted. More difficult shapes will obviously cost more. But if you’re on a budget there are ways to reduce the cost.

Some discount granite can cost as little as $30 per square foot, so you need to shop around if you are on a tight budget. If you have a smaller kitchen you may be able to get off-cuts or end of line colors that will suit you perfectly. Also note that some kitchen installers provide a full service that includes design, delivery and installation. You can expect to pay nearer the top of the range for granite this way. So if you can source the granite yourself and find a good local installer, you can really cut the cost down.

During recessionary times you may also be able to get a discount of anywhere from 10-50% id business is slow. But you need to make sure you ask. Say you are shopping around and you only have a small budget and you may get a discount, because the dealer will be more desperate to make a sale.

Another thing that you may not be aware of is that granite is supplied in different levels of quality, called tiers. So the top tier will be the absolute best granite and will command a premium price. There are many elements that go to make up the quality and these include color, country of origin, patterns, thickness, etc. Also fashionable colors may be more expensive because there is a higher demand for them. So you are in luck if you preference if for a less fashionable color. If you don’t mind a thinner granite countertop then you are also in luck, because these will be cheaper. But it should be noted that thicker countertops often provide a better finish.

If you’re looking to save money by installing the granite worktop yourself, then this isn’t something that I would suggest. Granite needs to be cut very precisely and someone trying to attempt this themselves could end up making a very costly mistake. Granite countertops tend to be long and fragile and can easily crack. So leave this to the experts.

So granite countertops cost depends on a few different elements. Follow our advice above and you will be well on your way to getting a beautiful granite countertop and a great price.

Granite Countertops Cost - Step by Step Guide to Keep the Cost Down

  1. Ask the supplier for a discount, especially if there is a recession on.
  2. Consider a thinner granite countertop.
  3. Choose a less fashionable color countertop, but only if you like it.
  4. Buy from a discount supplier.
  5. Look for off-cuts that are big enough for what you need.
  6. Look for end of line colors.
  7. Consider a lower tier granite.
  8. Check locally for good and reasonable priced installers.
  9. Avoid full service granite suppliers and installers.

We hope you have enjoyed this guide. Once you have bought you granite countertop you'll need to seal it. So please see our guide Sealing Granite Countertops.

To find out more about the different colors of granite avaialble, see Granite Countertops Colors.