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All About Modular Granite Countertops

Modular granite countertops are a popular choice for households because they are simple and easy to install without the need for special equipment or training. They are made out of real granite and marble, unlike engineered and synthetic granite that is used for tiles. The thick, polished slabs of granite used in modular granite countertops give any kitchen an elegant look and a place for you to work with a smooth, beautiful surface.  Another reason why they are popular is they are also more affordable than costly, high-end versions of granite slabs, yet you can enjoy the same benefits even the durability of this type of countertop is comparable to granite slabs.

When shopping for modular granite countertops, you will find that these are pre-cut slabs of granite, ready for you to purchase and install in your own home in just a day or two. These are especially designed for kitchen counters, so you can also find them already cut in dimensions needed just for a countertop. Although they come in varied dimensions, the average width of the modular granite countertops is about 12 inches.

Before you go out to shop, you will also want to take the right dimensions of your kitchen to purchase the right fitting slab of modular granite. You can also ask your supplier to order this a couple of days ahead so you can simply pick it up and install it into your home. When transporting modular granite countertops, be sure to provide them with padding. In addition, keep them in an area of your vehicle that will feel the least amount of tremor to avoid cracking and breaking them.

Modular granite countertops come in an extensive range of colors, textures, and designs, so no matter what your kitchen design is, there is a modular granite slab for you. You can do all the kitchen work on any modular granite kitchen, such as slicing, and yet you will see that it’s difficult to stain and scratch. However, care must be taken to avoid placing objects of direct heat onto its surface because these are virtually impossible to remove.

With the right set of tools, modular granite countertops are a breeze to install. These will save you a couple of hundred dollars as compared to using granite slabs which will need professional expertise and installation to place into your kitchen. Another reason why you should choose this over other kinds of materials for your kitchen countertop is that the sun and time won’t damage or reduce its beauty. Decades from now your granite countertop will still have the radiance and sheen as it did when you first installed it into your kitchen. Keep them at their best form by simply using soap water and a smooth towel to clean after each time you cook or use its surface. Avoid using harsh cleaning agents such as cleansers with high acid content and scrubs.

The next time you plan to give your kitchen a makeover, consider having modular granite countertops. They are durable, stylish, and will definitely make your kitchen a star.