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Faux Granite Countertops

For many homeowners on a very tight budget, you can still have the effect of granite in your kitchen without having to spend too much money. You can make your own faux granite countertops with a very small fraction of the price it would cost to get prefabricated granite or granite tiles for your kitchen. And guess what, this inexpensive option is also very easy to do.

Faux granite countertops are a simple do it yourself project that will only cost you about $120 or less. Just because you can’t afford the luxurious and elegant touches of real granite slabs doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy it. With just a few simple painting techniques, you’ll have beautiful granite effects in your kitchen.

The materials you’ll need include: high gloss top coat, 3 tones of Rustoleum countertop paint in custom colors to match, paint tray,  foam hot-dog style paint roller, plastic plate, and a natural paint sponge.

The first step towards achieving your faux granite countertops is to use a solid color tone as a base color, and spread this out towards the entire countertop. Next, use the hot dog roller to evenly distribute the paint throughout the surfaces. The foam roller was specifically chosen for this job because cloth rollers tend to leave marks. Now let the base coat settle and dry thoroughly before proceeding.

The second step to your faux granite countertops is to apply a darker shade of paint for your countertop. Start by placing a small amount of paint onto the plastic plate, dab the sponge into it, and gently dab a clean area of the paint to remove excess paints. Follow this by dabbing the sponge onto the plate again three times, and then dab the sponge on the countertop. The reason you are doing this is to achieve the textured look of the granite countertops, so continue with this method until you have covered the entire surface area. It’s best not to do the project on a hurry, because the effect of faux granite countertops will take time and you want to make sure you’ve taken the time to apply the texture.

The fourth step is to add a third color of paint onto the plate. Then, begin by dabbing this color over the surface in the same manner you tried to achieve the texture in the previous step. If you want a real granite effect, make the paint distribution uneven for each color. Once you’ve covered the area, mix the second and third colors and also dab this around for a more uniform effect and blending of color.

Next, apply the high gloss top coat onto the entire countertop surface once the texture has dried up. Use the hot dog foam roller, and reapply a second coating of the top coat once the first layer has dried.

Now you have the faux granite countertops effect you’ve desired; you should just wait 3 days for it to completely dry before you use it or install your sink.