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How To Choose The Right Granite Countertop Edges For You

Once you’ve decided you want to have a beautiful, long lasting granite countertop for your kitchen, your next task is to choose the right edge. Granite countertop edges come in different varieties, with the most popular styles being straight, round, ¼ bevel, ¼ rounds, reverse bevel, half bullnose, ogee, dupont, waterfall, and cove, among many others.

If you already have an existing granite countertop, you can also just add the edges to complement or match your kitchen. The price of granite countertop edges will vary with the stone’s quality, availability, and the labor required installing these.

Choosing the right granite countertop edges doesn’t have to be a difficult task. If you just want a simple, basic edge, go with the straight edge. The squared edges with a slight bevel doesn’t have too much sharpness in the edges to avoid anyone getting hurt in the kitchen. A similar style is called the double quarter round, wherein both top and bottom edges are round instead of a bevel. The bullnose variation refers to granite countertop edges that have a more rounded top while a half-circle is at the end of these edges.

You can also choose granite countertop edges that have a more fancy design, although of course this will cost you a bit more money. The most popular of the fancy designs is the ogee, which is actually inspired by medieval European architecture. It has two elegant arches, one convex and one concave. The waterfall, one of the fancier granite countertop edges, is similar to the ogee except that it has a cascade convex edge for a more elegant appeal.

The bottom line when it comes to choosing the right granite countertop edges for your kitchen has one simple rule: it all depends on what you prefer for its aesthetic appeal. Your budget will also have to be considered, but you can always go with simple and basic squared edges which are a no-brainer and will instantly go with every granite countertop design that you have in mind. If you’re working with a certain theme or design in your kitchen, such as an industrial or contemporary theme, the bevel or bullnose are excellent choices to complement the existing design. On the other hand, waterfall granite countertop edges are also ideal to match country-style kitchen designs.

It would also help to know that granite countertop edges with more creases such as the waterfall makes itself a trap for food and dust, so if you are looking for something low-maintenance and easy to clean, go with simple, basic lines. But if you enjoy spending time in the kitchen and don’t mind cleaning, go ahead with fancy designs. You can ask your supplier what they have on stock, and do some research around your kitchen with what you think works best for you.

Granite countertops together with their edges are an investment in the kitchen. Choose something you really love and compatible with the rest of your kitchen since you’ll be having your granite countertop edges with you for a long time.