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How To Install Do It Yourself Granite Countertops

Using do it yourself granite countertops means you will be working with tile granite for your kitchen, instead of modular or slabs of granite. This is because tiles are the only kind of granite product wherein it’s recommended for one to install it themselves; other types of granite are too large and delicate to install without professional help because once there has been damage, this is irreparable.

However, do it yourself granite countertops are still very popular in many households around the world, chosen for their inexpensiveness yet their ability to add some elegance and style into just about any kitchen. This is also a very easy home project, and you don’t need to be an experienced homemaker to be able to install your own granite countertops.

The first step to do it yourself granite countertops is to prepare the surface. You should remove any fixtures on the countertop, even the sink. Now, cut ¼ inch cement board to fit the top of your countertop, and try to do so using just a few pieces as possible. Grab some carpenter’s glue and use some screws, sinking the board deeper with every six inches. Now you can attach the board around the countertop’s front edge, and work backwards with it. Use a thinset mortar to fill in the seams for your do it yourself granite countertops, and use a drywall knife to smoothen it out in between.

The second step is now to mount the tiles; and in order to do this you need to spread the thinnest mortar onto the cement board. Use a trowel to mount the tiles individually, and it’s critical to start first in the front edge following the pattern you used for installing the cement board. If you need to cut the tiles to fit, use a wet saw.

Next, you should lay the top tiles starting at the middle front and spreading to the back and sides of your countertop. Remember that you should keep cutting with a wet saw as necessary, and keep 1/8 of space in between each tile. Once you are near the sink hole, cut them to fit the area.

Now you’re almost done with your do it yourself granite countertops. All you need to do now are the finishing touches. First get a bucket, and you will need to mix sanded grout with water here until you reach the thick consistency of mud. Spread this mixture throughout your countertop, ensuring you also press well in the spaces between the tiles. Let the mixture sit within these lines for about a minute, and also squeezing them well on the tile surfaces. Leave the grout mixture to settle for about two days; after which you’ll need a liquid grout sealer. Apply this onto the lines using a toothbrush. Only after you’ve completed this application can you proceed to installing your sink.

It is indeed fun to engage in your own do it yourself granite countertops. Through the help of the right tool and proper instructions, you will be working on your project like a pro.